Mermaid's Brilliance

Wearing a silver satin sling tights, like a river glowing with silvery white light under the moonlight of a spring night, the delicate and deep breath gradually spreads the feminine qualities of women from the inside out.

Romance is not just a longing for the future, but also a throbbing that will never tell you and perform affectionately, as silver as me, like a star in the night sky.

With a mermaid-style narrow dress, the bride has a feeling of expectation and fear of being hurt like a mermaid's face and muscles.

Simple design and smooth lines, plus a veil and electric ground behind it, the outstanding classic atmosphere is self-evident.

The shape of evening dress is not restricted. Evening dress is different from white gauze. White gauze is limited by the femininity and subtlety that traditional brides should have. Evening gowns can be gorgeous or full of personality, and can break through tradition. Of course, basic hairstyles Is one of the prerequisites, because the veil does not need to be covered, the hairstyle is invisibly important.

Such an elegant and dignified mermaid dress, how can you not be moved?

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