Glamour Bride

Wear a distinctive white gauze! The next most beautiful note for the wedding, simple lines, fashionable styles, plus elegant shapes, lightly wear white wedding gauze light beauty.

The soft veil, flying in circles, is suspected to be a fairy bead from heaven, but it is an instant scene on the human stage. The fluffy veil is like a cloud of smoke, and the simple style of this season is more holy and poetic.

Loose lace pettiskirt, tailored clothes, make the curve more slim, pure white flower buds on the skirt, pink smile on the bride's face, golden autumn, just like this.

Pink, forever pure, forever female, in the realm of autumn and winter when the year is warm and cold, pink always makes people nostalgic for the tenderness of spring.

The simple and innocent pink color, the relaxed and lovely bow style, all in the bride’s happy smile, fully telling the beauty of feathering, just for wishful thinking and expectation of you

The soft pink is the focus of everyone's attention. The elegant dress and exquisite figure resemble a little princess who runs away from a fairy tale. People can't help but teach people to look away.

It's as immature and tender as an angel, and it arouses people's love. The delicately carved light lace is cleverly covered on the crystal satin dress, and it is as pure and pure as a virgin.

The white gauze was originally as beautiful as a dream. The bride wears this white neon dress, like a beautiful fairy falling from the clouds, a beauty that is illusory, true, ethereal and illusory.

With such a smooth cut of white yarn, you absolutely believe that you can be harmonious and happy from the bottom of your heart.

Narrow lace white gauze reveals the slender figure, retro hairstyle, tulle bottomed out, as if returning to the elegant age of the 50s.

White yarn is the clothes that every woman dreams of. When she gets married, she can transform into many different roles, being the only heroine in her wedding, flying in the world of dreams, the most moving thing in the world. Her smile is the smile of a newly married woman. She is already kind, like a lily lake, waiting for him to hold on to her. With white gauze, she reflects the beauty of the red carpet.

Chic bouquets and exquisite, lovely shapes bring out the pure beauty and freshness of the bride.

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